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Visiting the Philippines

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Visiting the Philippines

The Philippines is made up of more than 7000 islands, in what is the second-largest archipelago in the world. Due to its remote location when compared with the rest of Asia, this area is relatively unexplored and free of much of the hustle and bustle that tourism brings to other areas. It is for this reason that the Philippines is well worth the extra travel time, as you will find yourself in a place full of natural wonders and rich with history. There are many things to do if you visit the Philippines, from energetic activities to relaxing hideaways and there is always something for everyone.

The natural scenery in the Philippines is beautiful and well worth travelling to find. If you have been relaxing inside for the morning, playing Partypoker or reading a book and you want to get out and explore, then there is a lot to be seen. The islands are surrounded by gorgeous-looking coral reefs and if you want to experience the water first-hand, then you can go swimming, snorkelling or even diving. If you travel to Coron, you can dive around wrecks and just off Donsol, you can swim with whale sharks.

For those who want to soak up some sunshine on a beach, there are many places to go. Siplay is lovely and laid back and here you will find picturesque white-sand beaches with palm trees swaying overhead. If you want to let your hair down and party, then Boracay is the place to go. If you are planning a visit to this wonderful place, do a little research and decide upon where you would like to begin. Then you can always travel around the islands during your trip so as to really experience as much as possible. Last but by no means least, have a lovely time and do not forget to take your camera.

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